Making lye soap is all about the lye

Published on 08:13, 11/07,2019

  Making lye soap is all about the lye. As a soap maker it is a good idea to understand the ingredients that you are using. Lye is one of the most important ingredients that you will use and it can also be very dangerous. You can make your soap better and ensure you are safe when making your soap just by knowing more about lye. Chemical Make Up and Safety Lye is a chemical compound. It is sodium hydroxide and can dissolve sticky substances. Lye comes in different forms, flakes, granules and liquid. It can cause damage to surfaces and can cause injury if it comes in contact with the skin. Lye is not only used in soap, but also in laundry detergent, paper, fabric and household cleaners. It is crucial to be safe with lye. It should be stored out of children's reach and in a cool, dry and safe area, like you would do with any other chemical around your house.

Do not combine lye with other ingredients unless you are sure it is safe. When in contact with some ingredients and materials, lye can be combustible and can eat away or corrode things like metals. Always read every precaution, warning and danger when working with lye so you can be sure you are keeping yourself safe. History of Lye Lye used to be made with ashes. Hardwoods were burnt to ash and the ashes were then combined with baking soda and water. The ashes were strained out and all that was left behind was the lye. In history , lye was used to clean and tan animal hides and to make soap. It has always been a useful product throughout history. Lye in Home Made Soap It is common to be a bit nervous when working with lye to make home made soap, but as long as you be careful and follow the safety precautions then you will be fine. Keep in mind that lye makes beautiful soap. It creates some of the smoothest and best soap possible.

When used in the process, the fat and lye mix together and there is a chemical reaction, producing the product, soap. It becomes a harmless product that can be molded to any shape, with added fragrances and different creations to make beautiful products. When working with lye make sure you keep it stored in a cool, dry place. It absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide easily. When mixing lye with water be very careful. Always wear protective goggles, gloves and an apron when dissolving lye in water.

 Since lye can corrode or eat away at certain materials, you should IML Containers Suppliers only use stainless steel, plastic, ceramic or glass for the containers and utensils that you use to make your soap. Lye is an essential ingredient in making soap. Although Lye is a dangerous chemical, through the amazement of science, lye becomes a beautiful soap that is fantastic to use and wonderful to look at. Do not be afraid to use lye in your soap making. Just be careful, be smart and have fun.


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